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Our Gaming Community RULES!

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Our Gaming Community RULES! Empty Our Gaming Community RULES!

Post by Shils on Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:53 pm

Our Gaming Community RULES! Image_10

These rules apply for the Majority of Forums/Threads on Our Gaming Community.

If another Forum/Thread has different rules, it will be displayed as the opening Topic.

  1. Racism - We will not tolerate any forms of racism. Report incidents to Admins/Mods and include a screenshot!
  2. Religion, Politics and Nudity - We will not tolerate any Religious or Political Discussions/Threats/Harassment. Absolutely No Nudity of any kind, or discussions revolving around this topic. Perm Bans will be placed!
  3. Harassment/Flaming - We will not tolerate harassment or flaming of any kind. These incidents must have substantial proof of both parties exchanges to report properly.
  4. Self Promotion - We ALLOW Self Promotion, however please do so under the Correct Forum.

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